Race the Rookies Edmonton

September 27, 2014
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Training Tips and Tricks


Mike MelnickBushwhacking can be a heap of fun if your team is moving as rapidly as can be expected in dense foliage. Here's a few things to help you do just that.

Trekking Poles

Adele FrizzleWhen would you use trekking poles in an adventure race?

Dryland Paddling Training

Vinnie OsbourneHow do you train for heaps of paddling through the winter? Vinnie Osbourne demonstrates some easy to do exercises that will build essential paddling muscles.


Mike MelnickAdventure races usually include a section where travel can only be done through the use of a rope and harness system. There are various ways that this system can be employed and rappelling is one of them.

UTM Explained

Mike MelnickNavigation in adventure racing often starts by plotting the points via the UTM grid system.
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