Race the Rookies Edmonton

September 27, 2014
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    Race the Rookies Edmonton - September 27, 2014
    • Great news! The venue for Race the Rockies will be in the Blackfoot area. That's right, we're planning a wilderness adventure race for the season ender. Sadly, that means there will be no 7-11 stops during the race. I'm sure you'll approve nonetheless.
      Posted:2014-04-20 18:45:37
    • Get your gear together and get ready for another challenging event. Combine the fitness requirements of an endurance event with the mental puzzle of navigation through a city and optimizing your route to collect the most points you can and you have an adventure race. Get your friends out and come join us!
      Posted:2014-01-25 11:15:45

    Challenge yourself in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.
    Because adventure racing is more than just the finish line.


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