Race the Rookies Edmonton

September 27, 2014
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Benefits of Volunteering

We understand the amount of sacrifice that our volunteers make in order to help out at the race. You're up before dawn, some volunteers will have to hike for hours to get to their CP, others will spend the day loading and unloading boats and bikes. Where's the incentive?

Race the Rockies wouldn't be possible without its volunteers and although substantial monetary compensation isn't possible, we do everything that we can to cover the expenses the volunteers incur. This includes:
  • Accommodations arranged by Race the Rockies Ltd.
  • Gas reimbursement if traveling to Golden up to $50 (please carpool and please submit receipts)
  • Cell phone charges reimbursement (if applicable)
  • Pre race dinner and post race breakfast
  • Free volunteer t-shirt
However, often we find that the sort of people that help out are more interested in the experience. Some of the reasons cited:
  • Want to see how an adventure race works
  • Get to some gorgeous locales
  • The athletes in their spandex are easy on the eyes
  • To meet a lot of confident, intelligent people

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